The service department at Grand Portneuf Mazda offers the services you want to preserve the style of your Mazda along with its safety, reliability, and comfort. Thorough maintenance performed by trained professionals will ensure the resale value and long-term durability of your Mazda as well.

Come and meet us today at Grand Portneuf Mazda and let our team of Mazda specialists help you keep your Mazda in top condition. We are waiting for you today.

At Grand Portneuf Mazda, Your Satisfaction Is Important to Us

The satisfaction of our customers is important for us at Grand Portneuf Mazda. We know that the quality of after-sales service in many dealerships is uneven, to say the least. At Grand Portneuf Mazda, we aim to be a benchmark for our competition. At Grand Portneuf Mazda, you will have a taste for maintaining your vehicle.

Regardless of model and year, Grand Portneuf can help you ensure the performance of your Mazda vehicle. We will be there for you every visit with a smile and a team of technical advisors who know their products and services.

If your vehicle is new, we will put in place a comprehensive maintenance plan that will cover all important maintenance during the warranty period. If your vehicle is already a few years old, we will be sure to maintain its long-term reliability with the right cleaning products.

At Grand Portneuf Mazda, we only use authorized parts in each of our departments including the service department. Our technicians know new Mazda vehicles by heart and know how to ensure their quality for many years to come.

They are trained directly by Mazda and use only original accessories. To find out more about the Mazda service offered at a competitive price at Grand Portneuf Mazda, contact us today.

Mazda Service Department
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