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At Grand Portneuf Mazda, the after-sales service is provided by a team of Mazda-certified technicians. Since changes are numerous and rapid in the automotive world, the Japanese automaker relies on dynamic distance learning for its technicians, but also and especially in the classroom. 

Even more interesting, our technicians follow immersion courses in small groups on the latest innovations and functionalities of new vehicles. In small group classes with on-site or remote technicians, they can interact with the instructors and quickly put into practice what they have just learned. This allows them to develop their skills, respond more easily to new developments and ensure that they master what they have learned. Our Mazda technicians know what they’re talking about!

This Japanese-style way of creating classes with a human dimension encourages discussion and practice. As a result, learning is no longer passive, but dynamic and allows our technicians to excel both in the classroom and at a distance.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, a certified Mazda technician has unlimited daily access to the latest service publications, product and software updates, and real-time technical assistance from Mazda technicians around the world to exchange ideas and find optimal solutions live. That’s how our technicians work at Grand Portneuf Mazda in Donnacona, near Portneuf and Quebec City. 

There’s no doubt that Mazda technicians are not only well equipped to meet the needs of their customers, they also have all the tools they need to offer exceptional quality service.

At Grand Portneuf Mazda, our technicians work in an ultramodern environment equipped with the latest high-tech equipment. With factory training, our technicians can only serve you better. And they do so with extraordinary zeal. For example, they like to talk with the customer to make sure that the proper maintenance or repairs are done to the vehicle. They inform customers of the progress of work in the dealership and explain in detail the repairs carried out. 

Finally, because we care about our customers’ vehicles, our technicians welcome you and take care to advise you on the maintenance and upcoming repairs to your vehicle. You are in good hands at Grand Portneuf Mazda in Donnacona, because our priority is your satisfaction. All our repairs are guaranteed, and our team works meticulously to achieve excellence by offering you exceptional service. Entrust us with your vehicle: you can trust us every step of the way!

Grand Portneuf Mazda takes care of everything!